• True Health
              VIBRANT HEALTH Can be YOURS, even though it 
                          may be a process... it's worth it!
                                  Life is a Process...
                                                          Disease is a Process...
                                                                         Cure is a Process...
Welcome to Wholistic Health, offering one of the most powerful, natural, holistic forms of medicine available.... to assist you in your healing process from:

 * chronic diseases or conditions ranging from allergies to cancer
 * acute illnesses
 * surgery or injury
 * metals toxicity
 * emotional or behavioral disturbances or imbalances (such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, 
       Autism spectrum, anger and aggression, fear, grief, or any unresolved 
       emotional stress or trauma) 

    ...or in assistance with

 * pregnancy and delivery
 * detoxification
 * nutrition, diet and weight loss
 * rebalancing (supplements, tissue salts, gemmotherapies, flower essences etc.)
 * replacing medications, eventually, with natural medicines

Homeopathic medicines are not suppressing or palliating, but working in the direction of cure, by assisting, supporting and honoring the body's own innate healing ability.   

In our fast paced society, we are generally looking for a 'quick-fix', which doesn't usually happen when working on a curative level.  The "appearance" of a quick-fix is available through suppression or palliation of symptoms (which happens through the use of pharmaceutical medications, and other forms of 'medicine' and treatments)...but this approach eventually leads to other health problems and symptoms, as the disease or condition is driven deeper.  This is typically what happens when one medication leads to another, to another, and so on.

Healing (as opposed to suppression or palliation) takes time, and is a participative process between patient and practitioner. The responsibility for healing lies with the patient, while support is given by a compassionate and 'present' practitioner who understands that the patient is best treated holistically,  instead of as separate parts and systems.   Being supported in this way allows you to remain the authority over your body and health decisions... it empowers you in your healing journey.   

Ultimately, true health exists on all levels - mind, body, soul - and allows for full expression of an unencumbered, joyful life with creative purpose! This is my ultimate wish for you! 


True Health

Homeopathy - What it IS

  • Homeopathy is the fastest growing form of health care in the world! It is now used by hundreds of millions, and growing by 25 percent annually.
  • It is part of the public health care systems of nations in Europe, South America, Central America and Asia, and is regulated in many other nations.
  • It is effective according to hundreds of high-quality basic science, pre-clinical and clinical studies, including randomized controlled trials.
  • Homeopathy is one of the safest forms of medicine
  • It is a holistic practice, taking into account all levels of a person: physical, emotional, mental.
  • It is practiced according to consistent and rational principles which are the core of practitioner training
  • It is more cost-effective than any other form of medicine, conventional or alternative (according to a study commissioned by the government of Switzerland)
  • Homeopathy is a system of medicine with a long history of preventing and curing acute, chronic and epidemic diseases, continuing today.