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                                   Treatment and Fees

Wholistic Health offers a progressive form of homeopathy, nutrition and education called Heilkunst.

The world of natural medicine can be very confusing, with the myriad of healing modalities, supplements and products available. Heilkunst medicine solves the confusion and the problem of empiricism in natural medicine. It is a holistic, dynamic system of medicine grounded in the principles and laws of nature.

Heilkunst also offers a means for removing the root cause of disease in a step-by-step un-layering of trauma triggered by life events.  This is an area of specialization called “sequential homeopathy”, or “sequential therapy”.  To remove a trauma, specific homeopathic remedies are prescribed to allow the body to naturally release, detoxify, cleanse and repair.

The course of treatment for each individual will be different because we are treating holistically...taking into account the mind, body, soul and spirit... along with the individual’s history, constitution, life circumstances, inherited predispositions, lifestyle, diet, exercise, etc.  

There are many treatment options.  The following are some that may be determined to be appropriate for you.


      *  Sequential Therapy/Homeopathy 

      *  Homeopathic constitutional and emotional support 

      *  Homeopathic detox, drainage and organ/lymph support 

      *  Homeopathic treatment of symptoms AND causes 

      *  Pregnancy and Birth Preparation 

      *  Healing from Surgery, Injury or Cancer Treatment 

      *  Homeoprophilaxis (homeopathic immunizations) 

      *  Miasmatic treatment for "genetic baggage" - inherited susceptibilities  

      *  Gemmotherapy, oligotherapy, flower essences, tissue salts  

      *  Nutrition, diet, life-style counselling

Initial Consultations  - $195.00 (please allow 1 1/2 – 2 hrs for the initial consult)

                                           for adults and children 14 yrs or older. 

                                  For younger children, the rate is  $120.00. 

                                  For pets/animals, it is $75.00

Follow-up Consults  - People: $80.00 minimum, or $125.00/hr,  whichever is greater

                                  Animals $50.00

**  For families, the first person will pay the minimum… each additional person or

     animal will pay $45.00, or $125/hour, whichever is greater


***There will be a $15.00-$40.00  RX fee per patient for anything OTHER THAN the INITIAL consultation (it’s included in the Initial Consultation).    The cost will depend on the number of remedies needed.  

Pregnancy and Delivery Prep- $85.00 inluding 8-10 rx's with instructions

Acute Consults - $40-80.00 for treatment of “one-time” consults               

                         for acute (not chronic) conditions.  Examples are colds,  injuries, vaccines, 

                         dental work, x-rays, mammograms etc.  

Surgery Prep -  $75.00 – includes brief appt. before and after.... and pre/post remedies

                       to assis with:  a quick recovery, minimizing complications,    

                       detox and organ/lymph support, and emotional support rx’s (if requested),

                       for example, anxiety about the procedure.

Metals Detox - $75.00 – for the homeopathic rx’s to detox and support organs/lymph

                      system...  along with detailed instructions. 

                      You will need to purchase other products separately.

Brief Mini-Consults (BETWEEN appts.) – up to 15 minutes - $40.00 (for advice or rx’s - either by email, phone, or in-person).  This is not allowed if the last full appt. was more than 4 weeks prior: a full follow-up is required anytime after 4 weeks. 

Emergency contact “after hours” - $25.00 additional (my office hours are Tues-Friday 10-5:00… this changes during holidays)



Happy Parents... Happy Children... Happy Family !

Families are a "unit", connected energetically... especially children to their primary caregiver until they are at least 12 yrs old.  The best gift you can give to yourself, your children, and your family is the gift of health.  We all have emotional baggage that affects those around us, and there are ways to help release this baggage, through Heilkunst... so that everyone has a better chance of being the best that they can.. more often than not.   What better gift to give to those you love!