Let me tell you about my story: what do you need for a good success story? A problem and a homeopath! I met Debra towards the end of my Pregnancy, a dormant virus was beginning to cause me some problems to the point were I didn't know if a natural birth was going to be possible. That is what doctors were telling me. I met with Debra, explained her what was going on and what was going wrong. All I knew about homeopathy at that point was that they introduce a bit of what is going wrong to your system, the system gets it and learns how to deal with it and that's it. Sounds simple. But this is where a homeopaths' work begins. It took one treatment to get rid of my virus. To me this is amazing. My son was born naturally. A few weeks later later my son developed a Hernia and a hydrocele. Doctors told me that surgery was the treatment they recommend.  I would never risk anything and it was very important to me to have him examined by doctors, but before thinking of surgery I wanted to give homeopathy a chance. Debra started treating him and we also agreed on a deadline when we had to expect changes. The deadline came, (3-4 weeks later).  I saw a doctor who confirmed that both the hernia and the hydrocele healed.  

S.C., Santa Fe, NM

"I highly recommend Debra and her healing work through Heilkunst.  Debra is a deep listener and is able to recognize the underlying dynamics that need to be addressed in a nonjudgemental and compassionate way.  I have found deep changes and integration happening in my life through working with her.  I have more energy.  And I am expressing more and more of my potential.  I contribute a large part of this to my work with Debra.  She is a real healer." 

David C.,  RN, N. Carolina

I have given some thought about the best way to explain my four year homeopathic journey. I have wanted to express my awe of what Heilkunst Homeopathy is capable of doing in someone's life and at the same time, support anyone who maybe considering taking this powerful journey as well. Both of which seem out of reach of a few written words and perhaps can be better explained as a feeling. Now, feel the warmest, deepest and purest love. . . there. There you will find the best description of my experience with homeopathy. It has been beautiful and simplistic in many ways and in others, it has been the bravest and most formidable thing I have ever undertaken. In truth, it has been completely life changing and it is a journey worth taking.

However to be very clear, I could never have started or made this journey alone and definitely not without Debra Sherry. Her deep understanding of the human condition, combined with her even deeper compassion were both invaluable to my healing work. She showed up for me each and every appointment, I can never express my gratitude for her and for her work. Debra is truly a beautiful person.

Blessings and love,

Nancy (or N.C., Pennsylvania)’

Before working with my practitioner, Debra Sherry, I had chronic respiratory  problems which included pneumonia and bouts of bronchitis 1-2 x year, which I took numerous antibiotics and steroids for.   I also suffer from a serious chronic virus.  Thanks to Debra, I’ve been mostly able to avoid the antibiotic use, and I’m much healthier and happier.

J.S., Texas


Thank you for your kindness and healing.  I am feeling so much better... more centered and balanced, clear and strong, and energetic!  It's awesome what you do and I cannot thank you enough.

M.B., Connecticut

Your remedies for anxiety related to my Parkinson's disease work beautifully, every time I need it!!   I haven't had the need for the meds the doc wants to put me on.... thank you very much!



Debra Sherry saved my life, and I'm not generally a dramatic person, not given to hyperbole.

For years my physical health had been rapidly and alarmingly coming to bits, dragging my emotional health along with it, and everyone from specialists at Johns Hopkins back east to local MDs, internists and dermatologists, had diagnosed my condition as a bewildering combination of rapidly failing heart, lungs, kidneys, etc and acute inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, severe allergic reaction ... and more and more often one of the doctors would have me admitted to St Vincent's through the emergency room, then hooked up to IV prednisone and antibiotics and glucose to try to get the inflammation under control. I'd be discharged with oral prednisone and antibiotics, instructed to have a range of blood tests taken every few months, prescribed blood pressure and thyroid and statin medications, told I was a heartbeat away from a major cardiac event. When I finished a course of prednisone and antibiotics, the symptoms returned stronger than ever. My skin was burning up from the inside. One internist, after I'd been hooked up to the IV, said his considered opinion was that I'd probably had a severe allergic reaction to something I'd bought at a health food store. If I hadn't been tangled up in tubes, disoriented and weak as a kitten, I'd have killed him with my bare hands. An eminent dermatologist said I'd probably need to be given regular prednisone injections for the rest of my life.

So, when a friendly neighbor greeted me on my latest return from St Vincent's, all swollen and bright red and peeling and barely able to function, she gave me Debra's name and telephone number. I immediately called for an appointment, and when I presented myself, my eyes were almost swollen shut, face and scalp peeling, even my ears. My hands and feet, elbows and knees, wrists and neck and back ... all stinging and itching and burning off, to the extent that I felt almost immobilized by the constant pain. I was so deep inside the pain that it was difficult to even focus my eyes. Each night I'd been retiring earlier and earlier in the hope that good rest would help heal whatever was making me weaker each day. To say I was discouraged doesn't begin to do it justice. My spirit was suffering. It's painful to remember. Old Polish proverb I read on a bottle cap once: What is difficult to endure is sweet to remember.

But Debra waded right in, curious and fearless and intrepid, asked pertinent and probing questions, made notes, studied all the signs. And composed remedies to begin to address the loading of steriods and antibiotics etc, for a start, reduce the inflammation. While she gathered remedies, she asked me to take a few drops of one, I don't remember which, but what matters is that by the time I left with a few other mysterious packets and bottles, I felt relief already. When we met again a few days later, Debra asked more questions, studied the signs, and said "Everything I see points to your having been poisoned, by venom. Have you ever been bitten by a poisonous spider?" I was stopped cold, said Not lately, but about 15 years ago I was bitten by a brown recluse spider.

And we were off. It's impossible to describe the journey. Each meeting and reevaluation brings healing in ways unheard of in my experience. Revealing obstacles and removing them. I'd been at such a low ebb, actually fearing going to sleep in case the congestion and inflammation just ... won out. I'd felt such profound sadness and loss, realizing I was losing the battle against whatever it was. Having forgotten the spider bite. Debra asked what had been done at the time. I'd been working at Johns Hopkins and was taken there after the bite, given a tetanus shot, antibiotics, and a special cage built to protect the hand that had been bitten, and sent home to make the best of it. After the first year, not having to have any amputation but certainly not feeling too hot ever after, I was grateful to have survived more or less intact. Little did she know ...

Little by little but in quantum leaps, Debra brought me back to the land of the living. My insides got happier and stronger, I stopped feeling faint from the exertion of simply living from day to day, my organs including my skin are healing brilliantly. Each meeting with Debra brings relief I hadn't dreamed possible. I'd spent all my energies trying to survive, to disguise the extent of my increasing disability, wearing enveloping loose clothing, hats, gloves ... and husbanding my energy to accomplish routine chores and errands without stroking out in the road somewhere. But resigned to a severely impaired and limited life, with no relief in sight. I'd forgotten the sheer giddy pleasure of moments without pain, moments of returning life and happiness. I don't think of myself as a particularly sentimental person, but get me going on the miracles Debra hath wrought and ... In my heart I am showering her with rose petals and gratitude, and looking forward to many adjustments and tune-ups as the healing continues. What a concept, healing. Not just being medicated, but healed. 

A.S., Santa Fe, NM